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Charity Plea - Sponsor us instead of donaiton to XMBC!

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2023 11:01 pm
by phil
So once again, this coming weekend, Andy Roberts, Linsey Martin and myself will be participating in the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run. A 48 hour event, driving a classic car (circa 1975) around Great Britain.

The route starts just north of London at Knebworth House as 6pm on Friday the 6th October 2023, up to John O'Groats (Scotland) by Breakfast on Saturday, down to Lands End for breakfast on Sunday and back to Knewborth by 6pm on Sunday (hopefully!). There are about 120 cars taking part, some with two and some (sensible ones like us) with 3 drivers. Its a non stop (baring breakfast, fuel and snacks) event covering just under 1900 miles in 48 hours - so I'll not only be unavailable, but proper tired by Monday!

It's my tenth time doing this event (not bad for someone who does not actually own the car). Although this year the route milage has dropped a bit - the first few were 2000 miles - I think there are fewer and fewer people to support and martial the event as time goes on! Lets hope we all make it round this year!

The year the event is running in aid of the Huntington's Disease Association, a charity dedicated to supporting those unlucky enough to be affect by a terrible hereditary disease.

Maybe instead of donating to XMBC directly in the next few weeks/months, you could instead sponsor us and donate to this worth while charity. If you chose to do so, try and add a comment mentioning XMBC so we can see the impact of all of your generous donations!

Thanks for your support!

Re: Charity Plea - Sponsor us instead of donaiton to XMBC!

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2023 8:55 am
by phil
Well we made it, despite the torrential rain all the way through Scotland (with floods, landslides and many road closures and diversions!!).
In the end, about 1910 miles in 49 hours - but most importantly, the first time in a while we have had no problems with the car, at all!

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us. The sponsor page will be up for a while (at least until the end of the year) so feel free to continue using that instead of donating to XMBC directly - the charity will appreciate all they can get!