5 buttons and 4 directions roll mouses

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Re: 5 buttons and 4 directions roll mouses

Post by rbarrios »

OK Phil, sorry. I thought it might be relevant here.

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Re: 5 buttons and 4 directions roll mouses

Post by Keyes »

Hi all,

I just got a Logitech MX518 (new from Amazon) and it appears to be working well. However, while I don’t know enough about “tilting” to speak with authority, I do not believe my model permits a mechanical left/right tilting of the Scroll Wheel. If it does, it must be extremely subtle.

In any event, no highlights are seen in the X-Mouse Button Control - Setup v2.19.2 box over Tilt Wheel Left/Right when I manipulate the Mouse Wheel, pushing it left or right. I do see highlights for Wheel Up and Wheel Down and Middle Button and for the other 4 buttons listed.
My best guess is that the model I have has been re-designed without Tilt.
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Re: 5 buttons and 4 directions roll mouses

Post by phil »

As far as I can tell from the photos, the MX518 does not have tilt (left/right) support. Its not 100% obvious and the tech specs on the Logitec website don't specify anything about the wheel (not very useful!).
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Re: 5 buttons and 4 directions roll mouses

Post by iieeann »

Just bought a Logi MX Master 3S and so far working good. Horizontal scroll is configured through "Tilt Wheel" for different applications.

*** oops said too early. How to configure the 6th button (thumb rest button)? I just found the existence of this button.
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