Some of my favourites profiles...

Use this forum to share your favourite XMBC profiles for various applications.
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Some of my favourites profiles...

Post by phil »

These are some of my favourite profiles.
They work on Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). I havn't updated them for Windows 8 yet!
  • Hover over system tray.xmbcs
  • Hover over task bar.xmbcs
  • Hover over show desktop widget.xmbcs
  • Flip 3D.xmbcs
  • Flash Player.xmbcs
  • Advanced context menu on start menu.xmbcs
  • Excel Scrolling.xmbcs
Feel free to create new posts in this new sub-forum and add your favourite profiles!

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fast windows arrangement

Post by fm4fan »


my default setting for 6button mouse
allwos to arrange windows on also multiple screen (love it) - works on win7+8

button 4+5 minimize/maximize windows
tilt wheel left/right simulate {LWIN}{LEFT} and {LWIN}{RIGHT}
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Re: Some of my favourites profiles...

Post by mikebo »

Phil i have modified your profile for flash to work with chrome, which seems to use some wrapper for displaying a fullscreen flash window
Flash in chrome
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