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x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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New Users Please Read: Posting Rules & Guidelines

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Posting Rules/Guidelines
  • Post your question ONCE in the correct forum. For XMBC issues, question or anything mouse related, use the XMBC forum!
  • Search the forum before you post. Quite often someone else has already asked the same or similar question!
  • Do not create irrelevant posts - there has been a big increase of SPAM posts with either copies parts of previous posts or irrelevant "I have this experience" type of posts. If you do share a problem, please be specific and make sure your post does not look like spam. This forum uses Stop Forum Spam but sometimes the results for newly created accounts can be delayed.
  • Bumping your post repeatedly in a short timespan is likely to have an adverse effect. It is rude and disrespectful. My software is a hobby, I simply don't always have the ability to respond immediately. If I don't get back to you within a few days, a gentle reminder is fair enough!
  • Check your question is not already answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Create a new topic thread in the correct forum for a new problem. It makes it much easier to follow!
  • Respect other users of the forums.
  • Fill out the "new post" template - don't simply delete it (unless there is really good reason to do so). It is there as a cue as to what information is required/useful to give support. For software bugs/problems/issues, provide as much information as possible. For example:
    • Version of the software you are running
    • A clear description of the problem
    • Installed or Portable version, and where was it installed/running?
    • Windows Version and edition (x64, x86 etc.)
    • Number of CPU (cores) or CPU model/speed
    • Available/Total memory (RAM)
    • Mouse hardware/drivers
    • Language and keyboard layout used
    • Debug logs where applicable (usually I will ask for this if I need more information)
  • Please keep Beta threads on topic. They are for announcements and reporting bugs in the current beta, NOT for requesting new features and/or asking about existing (non-beta) functionality!
  • Please don't expect an immediate reply - while I try my best to reply quickly, all of my software packages are hobby projects. There is only one person behind all of this and occasionally I have other, more important things to do in my life:!:
  • In addition to the above, please understand that making a donation, while very much appreciated, does not push you up the support chain at all. Support is offered as and when I have time, and while I try and get back to people as quickly as I can, I cant make any guarantees. I'm not always sat in front of a computer!
  • I am seeing an increasing amount of irrelevant off-topic spam posts or post bringing up topics from years ago, adding nothing new, often replying with generic rubbish and also posts simply copying snippets from another users post in the forums (presumably to increase post counts enough to add spam URLS etc.). Do not do this, or you will most likely get BANNED AND REPORTED to the common online anti-spam systems (which will mean access to other forums and websites will become more difficult). If your initial posts are all completely irrelevant, your account will probably be banned and reported also.

New Users
  • To attempt to combat spam bots, which have been incredibly active recently, I have set some restrictions for new users.

    Initially you will not be able to post files, images or links (of any type), add a signature etc.
    After several posts (4), these restrictions will automatically be removed.

    Hopefully this will be sufficient and I will not need to manually allow new posts.
    I have also implemented a Q&A verification scheme during registration. If you have problems with the questions, email me!

Thanks for your understanding.
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