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Version 3.0 Release

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:34 pm
by phil
I've just made version 3.0 available.

The major changes are:
  • Removed 3rd party XML code - now using native .NET 2.0 XML code. As a result, about 75% faster :)
  • Modified to pick up changes to main config file without re-running.
  • Added device specific option to reverse counters (in/out).
  • Added ability to override default OID's for each device.
  • Added device and machine names to generated emails.
  • Improved SNMP read so that reads to each device are done with a single SNMP connection.
  • Fixed data colleciton issues causing all time totals to be out of sync with other totals when running for the first time
  • Fixed issue causing results to go out of sync when not running as demon (eg. manual run every 5 mins)
  • Fixed bugs caused by changing a device's billing date without restarting.
  • Added some extra logging and tidied up existing logging.
Thanks to everyone that has pointed out my mistakes and help me improve SNMPTP.