Problem with sending triggers to a parallel-port

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Problem with sending triggers to a parallel-port

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We are working with an EEG system that requires 2 computers that are connected together with a parallel-port, so the experiment computer sends triggers (marking stimuli onset) to the port, using this:
Recently we upgraded our OS to Windows10 and our MatLab version to MatLab 2017a Network 64bit (for Windows), and since then the experiment computer fails to send the triggers.
In order to understand whether the problem lies in the script or the computer, we wanted to ask:
Is this script compatible with Windows10? Is there a way to get a detailed feedback or error massage that will help us find the source of the problem?
(If you have any other suggestions for a solution, we would be glad to hear them)



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Re: Problem with sending triggers to a parallel-port

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Sorry I cant answer that - I have no idea what this script is or what it does and I dont use MatLab so I cant really help much.
I ported Inpout32 to x64 which the author of this script appears to be using. It was written by logix4u (who appear to have dropped offline these days).

Input32 does work on Windows 10 so that would suggest the script is in error but I dont know enough about it.... However, I did notice that the DLL version is rather old - you should be using not 1.2 that is linked on their site. You might like to try grabbing the latest version here, and dont forget you need to run as ADMIN to install the driver the first time.

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