Beginer advices

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Beginer advices

Post by Pipilica »

I am complete beginer to InpOut32, i searched forum but find anything to help me, i need to make Autoit or Autohotkey to send mouseclick and keystrokes whith InpOut32, can you point me to a topic whith guide or exemple whith simple script?

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Re: Beginer advices

Post by phil »

Why on earth would you want to send mouse clicks and keystrokes with Inpout32? Isnt that a bit extreme - you would need to first learn how the hardware mouse and keyboard buffers work if you want to poke around with them directly.

I know others have done it (search the forums perhaps) but it by no means going to be some simple thing!

But in any case, apart from what other have written here, I don't know how you would go about accessing the hardware directly. Also note, if your going to use this to try and avoid cheat detection (in games) which is the only reason I can see for not using SendInput then it wont be long before InpOut32 gets blocked by the cheat detection and possible even has its certs revoked (worst case) which would upset rather a lot of people (because i am not able to resign using new certs) - so be very careful!

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