Logix4u attack page

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Logix4u attack page

Post by rickb »

As of Friday evening Sept 15, Logix4u has been intermittently marked with the familiar red/black attack page. Today I get a Google warning if I access it through a google search link but not if i use the link from this forum.
Is this a false positive or common occurrence? And yes, I do know that it is a legitimate site. Also, their forum does not seem to exist.


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Re: Logix4u attack page

Post by phil »

So it does...
To be honest, I don't know - maybe its been designated as dodgy because it has drivers like InpOut32 that could be used maliciously - or maybe they have been hacked.

I haven't had any contact with them for years - last time I tried, I got no answer so I presume its a dead project/page (which is a shame but there isn't much I can do about it).

I cant recommend either way to ignore the block, but Id be tempted to stay clear!

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