Keystroke with _Inp32 and _Out32

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Keystroke with _Inp32 and _Out32

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I'm trying to send keystroke (aka emulated keyboard) with InpOut32.
In short, I'm calling :
to send a "A" key.

It's working on a laptop computer, but not on my main desktop computer.
On both, I already installed the driver as admin, UAC is disabled. Both have Win7 64 OS, uptodate.

The Laptop has the touchpad, the internal keyboard, a basic USB keyboard and a basic USB mouse.
The Desktop has a Logitech G510 (USB) keyboard, a Nostromo (USB) 'keyboard', a Logitech G500 (USB) mouse and a Logitech G600 (USB) mouse.

Why InpOut32 seems to work only on one computer ?

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