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Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:26 am
by phil
Please be aware that I, Phil, did not write InpOut32. All I did was port it to 64bit Windows.
The driver in my port is signed, so it works on 32bit and 64bit windows, however, it was not signed by me but by one of the users of my port. This is why the digital signature appears as "".

Firstly, many thanks to those at RedFox for providing a signed driver for us all to use.

Secondly, Thanks to the people who wrote InpOut32 at Logix4U. They have their own forum here which is where you should go for support initially. I am aware however that some people are unable to contact the required people there, so if your really stuck, feel free to ask here and I will try and help

So, again, please use that forum initially for any generic InpOut32 issues and try and keep 64bit specifics here. I will try my best to respond quickly, but I don't use InpOut32 (or x64) any more so I don't pretend to know all the answers!