Thanks, Phil

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Thanks, Phil

Post by rbfb »

I've been using Logitech mouses over the years. I've had to put up with buggy driver software and downloading updates from the Logitech website sometimes gave even worse problems. Recently I bought a Microsoft mouse (5 button, wired) to go with my new windows 7 x64 Sandy Bridge desktop. Almost immediately I noticed that my wired keyboard, which had been problem free, began acting 'flaky', especially the left ctrl key which acted as if it was being pressed when it wasn't.

I sort of lived with that problem but wanted to have an extra couple of buttons on the mouse so I ordered a new Logitech G500 wired mouse. (I haven't bought a wireless mouse in some time not wanting to add that complication to the driver software.) While waiting for the arrival of the new mouse I stumbled across your x-mouse software.

I uninstalled the Microsoft Intellipoint software and installed x-mouse. Unbelievable! All problems with the keyboard disappeared and the Microsoft mouse worked as advertised. Ouch! The Logitech mouse was paid for and on the way, but, I rationalized, I did want those extra buttons.

The new mouse arrived and I plugged it into a USB slot. The computer recognized it instantly but more important, your software operated perfectly with the new mouse. I set up the extra buttons to do what I wanted and it was up and running in a couple of minutes.

And talk about icing on the cake. For some time I had set aside the wheel button to do only one thing: Close whatever tab or window or program that had the focus. Your software does it without a problem. Even the cmd.exe box (DOS box) closed on the click using EXIT {return}.

I will do now something I rarely do: send a Paypal donation along with my sincere thank you.

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Re: Thanks, Phil

Post by phil »

Hi Rbfb,

I'm glad that XMBC has helped you out - its a nice success story you have there.

Thanks for the feedback and the donation, it is most appreciated.

PS. I've moved the post to the XMBC forum where it belongs :wink:
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