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New Users Please Read: Posting Rules & Guidelines

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:04 am
by phil
Posting Rules/Guidelines
  • Post your question ONCE in the correct forum. For XMBC issues, question or anything mouse related, use the XMBC forum!
  • Search the forum before you post. Quite often someone else has already asked the same or similar question!
  • Do not create irrelevant posts - there has been a big increase of SPAM posts with either copies parts of previous posts or irrelevant "I have this experience" type of posts. If you do share a problem, please be specific and make sure your post does not look like spam. This forum uses Stop Forum Spam but sometimes the results for newly created accounts can be delayed.
  • Check your question is not already answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Create a new topic thread in the correct forum for a new problem. It makes it much easier to follow!
  • Respect other users of the forums.
  • For software bugs/problems/issues, provide as much information as possible. For example:
    • Version of the software you are running
    • A clear description of the problem
    • Installed or Portable version, and where was it installed/running?
    • Windows Version and edition (x64, x86 etc.)
    • Number of CPU (cores) or CPU model/speed
    • Available/Total memory (RAM)
    • Mouse hardware/drivers
    • Language and keyboard layout used
    • Debug logs where applicable (usually I will ask for this if I need more information)
  • Please keep Beta threads on topic. They are for announcements and reporting bugs in the current beta, NOT for requesting new features and/or asking about existing (non-beta) functionality!
  • Please don't expect an immediate reply - while I try my best to reply quickly, all of my software packages are hobby projects. There is only one person behind all of this and occasionally I have other, more important things to do in my life:!:
  • In addition to the above, please understand that making a donation, while very much appreciated, does not push you up the support chain at all. Support is offered as and when I have time, and while I try and get back to people as quickly as I can, I cant make any guarantees. I'm not always sat in front of a computer!
  • I am seeing an increasing amount of irrelevant off-topic spam posts, and also posts simply copying snippets from another users post in the forums (presumably to increase post counts enough to add spam URLS etc.). I try and report these to the various anti-spam systems ASAP so if your initial posts are all completely irrelevant, your account will probably be banned and reported.

New Users
  • To attempt to combat spam bots, which have been incredibly active recently, I have set some restrictions for new users.

    Initially you will not be able to post images or links (of any type), add a signature etc.
    After several posts, these restrictions will automatically be removed.

    Hopefully this will be sufficient and I will not need to manually allow new posts.
    I have also implemented a Q&A verification scheme during registration. If you have problems with the questions, email me!

Thanks for your understanding.