chording w/scroll wheel

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chording w/scroll wheel

Post by Astara »

If I'm in an editor having the scroll wheel scroll 2 lines seems about right.

But in a web browser, I have problems getting the page to scroll fast enough.
It might just be that two lines on a typical webpage are pretty small, but that varies based on the font size used on a particular website.

What I was wishing -- well 1 easier and one harder...easier -- just be able to hold down shift while scrolling and have it do double the lines, or maybe shift+ctl and maybe get 6-8 lines.

Ideally, I think, might be a speed-sensitive acceleration like the mouse uses, but having no way to try it I can't be certain.

For the nonce, I'm trying to change the #lines scrolled by adding a application profile, but I'm thinking a temporary, contextual
fix (like by holding shift) might be more versatile?

Thanks much for great-util, and if you get to the point of not wanting to invest more time in it, putting the source on something like github would be a great community asset!


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Re: chording w/scroll wheel

Post by phil »

First thought was this should be doable (the shift+scroll to go faster) but actually there is a problem...
Finding a combination that wont impact anything else - Shift+Scroll makes it scroll horizontally (if there is a horizontal s/b) so that would be a problem, Ctrl+Scroll is zoom - so thats out. Alt+Scroll maybe (seems to be back/forward in my browser though).

The problem is, as usual, like all other "modifier" keys, is that you cant just block the key as they are common keys and have lots of uses - so it being pressed WILL impact how the target application reacts to the wheel, and chances are it will no longer be to scroll vertically!

We would have to find a key combo that is not currently in use and does not change the way the wheel works currently (and so far I haven't found one).
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