Scroll window under cursor stopped working

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Scroll window under cursor stopped working

Post by keithw14 »

Windows 10 Home 19042.804:
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2-3 years, with this computer and mouse:
UK Ext:

'Make Scroll wheel scroll window under cursor' stopped working. It now only scrolls the window with focus. Never had a problem before in the few years I have used XMouse. Tried disabling/enabling, restarting XMouse etc. CAnnot get it working again.:

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Re: Scroll window under cursor stopped working

Post by phil »

Windows 10 SHOULD do this anyway itself (you shouldn't need XMBC to do this these days although it *should* still do it if its turned on).

Note really sure what to suggest as you appear to have already tried all the things I would normally suggest. This may be a case for debug logging...
In the updates & logging tab, turn on DEBUG logging... OK and APPLY that.
Then move the mouse over the window you want to scroll (without activating it)... scroll up and down a bit...
NOTE THE TIME YOU DO THIS and let me know so I can find it in the log
Turn off debug logging again when you have done that (as it slows things down and creates really large log files if your not careful!)

Then send me a copy of the debug log (PM it or paste it into a CODE block in here) and I will see if I can see any obvious signs of trouble.
You can open the log file from the same updates and logging tab.

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