Simulated keys are not working in-game

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Simulated keys are not working in-game

Post by Mysinisme »

Win 10 (IDK the exact version):
A cheap amazon mouse with a Chinese title and two side buttons?:
i5 2400, 750Ti, 8GB ram :
I've been using XMBC for a long time but for different games:
English (US) US keyboard:

The problem I'm encountering now is that the game doesn't respond to the simulated keys I've created, even if it's just as simple as one sticky key like "S"
The simulated keys are working fine outside the game, the only problem is with the game itself

When I chose (slow down mouse cursor while pressed) It still didn't work when I pressed it in-game but it worked in a weird way:

I clicked at the 4th button that I designed to slow down the cursor only while I'm pressing at it
I quickly clicked at alt+tab to switch to the game (while still holding the 4th button)
Now the cursor is slow in the game but permanently! even tho I've selected (only while pressing it)
I thought this may help!
Also, I've tried the tips in this article: "Can't post the link here"
didn't work for me sadly.


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Re: Simulated keys are not working in-game

Post by phil »

Many games do not allow tools such as XMBC to run because they consider it cheating. Some games actively ban people who use such tools too - so beware!

As the FAQ explains, many games BLOCK simulated keys (any keys injected by MS's SendInput API) They either do this intentionally (to prevent cheating) or accidentally because they use a lower level input method like Direct Input. This also explains when the slow cursor does not work - because the mouse input is run at a lower level. Slow cursor simply manipulates the Windows cursor speed settings, and if the game is using direct/raw input that setting will have no effect. I'm not entirely sure why hitting ALT+TAB would cause the slow speed to stick - that suggests that the alt+tab is intercepting and preventing the release of the slow speed timer in XMBC when the button is released - that may well be a bug - but it is not clear why the speed then goes slow in game when it didn't before, unless the game itself is only picking up this Windows setting when it context switches back to Windows and back... Thats possible.

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