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Installing XMBC over X-Mouse-Control

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 8:34 am
by Augustiner
Windows Version: 10
Mouse Information (brand/model): Hama EMW500
What language and keyboard layout do you use in Windows?: German

I currently have installed X-Mouse (a.k.a. "X-Mouse-Control" by Joel Purra; unfortunately I'm not allowed to post a link to this product, but you can easily google it), which allows me to have a "focus follows mouse" policy and specify an auto-rise delay. Since I now have a new, 5-button mouse, I am thinking to install XMouse Button Control to re-assign the use of the additional buttons. Questions:

Do I have do uninstall X-Mouse before installing XMouse Button Control?

Assuming that I have correctly installed XMBC, and reassigned the primary button to one of the "extra2 buttons of my 5-button-mouse. Now for some reason, I instead connect a simple two-button mouse to the computer. Will the "primary button" be lost (i.e. do I have to reconfigure XMBC), or will XMBC simply recognize that I don't have the original mouse anymore and hence revert to the default behaviour?

Re: Installing XMBC over X-Mouse-Control

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:20 am
by phil
I hadn't seen X-Mouse-Control before... Thanks for pointing that out, a bit of a shame the name is so similar but I guess I can see why given the prime feature of it (clearly it comes from X-Windows on the *nix arena - where as XMBC came from the fact that Windows internally called button 4 and 5 XButtons!! :))

Anyway, no you shouldn't have to uninstall the other one - I can see no obvious reason why they couldn't both be installed. There is a possibility that XMBC may conflict, but by default it wont do any of that Window Raising (it can be turned on, but there is no configurable delay so its not a suitable replacement for that).

XMBC is device independent. It has no idea *where* mouse button messages come from. It can not distinguish between different devices (mice or touchpads or anything else sending mouse inputs). So what ever device you use will behave the same. If you remap button 1 or 2 (left or right) they will stay remapped until YOU disable or close XMBC.

NOTE If you do remap a primary (left/right) button be aware that that button will no longer send the primary button messages. If you accidentally get in to a situation where you cant use the mouse as normal (say you remapped the left click) that if you do that, it will no longer work as the primary button so be careful not to configure something that prevents use of the mouse OR make sure "Bypass ALL actions when SCROLL LOCK is ON" is enabled to setup a global hotkey to toggle XMBC enabled/disabled - that way if you configure it incorrectly (as many seem to manage) you can quickly disable XMBC and fix the configuration!