Movement to Scroll - orthogonal direction lock

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Movement to Scroll - orthogonal direction lock

Post by Killy »

Currently available options for Movement to Scroll:

- don't lock (scroll in any direction) - this is quite annoying most of the times;
- determine axis based on movement - inherently relies on movement direction;
- lock to Y axis (vertical scroll) - the most used option, but not the topic of this request;
- lock to X axis (horizontal scroll) - requires horizontal movement for horizontal scroll.

The last option is what I'm trying to use, but find somewhat inconvenient on my trackball. Subconsciously I expect the ball to work as a regular scroll wheel - move always in the same way, and the resulting scroll direction is determined by a modifier key I activate... And it is also physically less convenient.

This might be solved with an extra checkbox - "Flip X and Y axes". In combination with "Invert Horizontal" or "Invert Vertical" it should allow to convert any of four input directions to any of four output directions.

Or you might prefer to stick with limited but easier to grasp option - add an extra radio button "Lock to Y axis but scroll horizontally". By default, scroll direction should be such that moving down (seeing content below) and moving right (seeing content to the right) are the same.

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