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Extending simkey Run of preceding app path

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:35 pm
by Kukurykus
Please extend simulated keystroke RUN command of (path to) application,
the path (to file, with any extension) we use in {run:<path>} will be ran by.

That is possible by command line, and I use it if I want to run some file (that is associated with its app.) by other one where it works as well, but is not common for, or else because of security reasons when the file is ran solely, so without preceded application, the warning is popping up.

Now it's:




It could be like:

{run:<'applicationName'> <'pathToFile'>}


{run:<'pathToApplication'> <'pathToFile'>}

Oh btw, I haven't checked it, but in Command Line when in the path are spaces between words then the path is put between quotation marks. If I remember your method doesn't need them, but if there had to be another path to file that has to be run, then maybe both of them should be inside of quotation marks (even if without spaces between words?)