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Commands not properly intercepted when config box closed

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:26 am
by BH88
XMBC Version: 2.18.8
Windows Version: Win 10 v1803
Mouse Information (brand/model): Logitech M705
Relevant Computer Information (CPU, RAM etc): Surface Book 2, i7 8650U
Did the problem occur after an upgrade of XMBC? (If so, from what version?): No
Did the problem occur after a Windows update/upgrade? (If so, from what version?): No
How long have you used XMBC?: A few weeks
What language and keyboard layout do you use in Windows?: English

Clear description of the problem - try and include as much information as possible, including what button and mappings you are having problems with (if applicable).:

New poster here - thanks for making XMouse Button Control!

It very nearly almost does what I'm after! I'm trying to disable scrolling while the pointer is on the taskbar (which switches between desktops), and use it to change system volume instead.

I've used the built-in window finder to identify the task host class as "MSTaskListWClass". When the XMBC config dialogue box is open, it successfully intercepts the command and redirects it to change the system volume according to my settings.

However, when I close the config box, the scroll message is still passed through to explorer.exe. If I scroll while my pointer is on the taskbar, I get both a volume change according to my XMBC settings, AND it also switches desktops.

So it seems that XMBC is correctly intercepting the command, but then still passing it through as well, which I'd like to prevent. Being one of these nice smooth-scrolling Logitech mice, the slightest touch causes it to scroll a little bit, which isn't noticeable when you're moving around a document but is a problem if each 'line' that is scrolled represents a switch to a different desktop.

Re: Commands not properly intercepted when config box closed

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:23 am
by phil
I'll have a look - it certainly should block them and having the config window open SHOULDN'T make any difference (as the blocking is all done in the hook DLL that has no idea if the config window is open or not, other than broadcasting a message to it to highlight the button in the config window (and it does that whether it is open or not).

I have volume change on hover when scrolling over the taskbar and it seems to work fine for me, but, where/what do you hover over to switch desktops and is that default windows functionality or some third party addon? (I've not seen that functionality in the Windows taskbar but I don't often use multiple desktops - for me that is was one of those great ideas that I though was great, I tend not to use it - often because I forget its there lol). If I know where I have to hover to activate this, I'll see if I can reproduce it here.