how to set "ctrl + middle button : close browser tab window"

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how to set "ctrl + middle button : close browser tab window"

Post by yelldio »


I have a little trouble how to set my desired combination for like..

middle button : (back) --> set ok myself
ctrl + middle button : close browser tab window (to work like 'ctrl +w') --> how to ?

can anyone help the configuration ? how and where to add ?

must be very elementary question though.

Thanks in advance ~


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Re: how to set "ctrl + middle button : close browser tab window"

Post by sukemaru »

Hi yelldio.

You may try following settings, then you will be able to use the combination "CTRL + MMB" for "closing tab (CTRL + W)".

On the tab "Layer Modifier key settings" of "Global settings" panel,
1. The Drop-down list of "Activate Layer-2" (or 3 or ,,,) => Select "CTRL".
(Remain the right field empty.)

On the main screen, select the profile of the tab browser, and

On the tab "Layer-2" (or "Layer-3" or ,,,) of the main screen,
2. "Middle Button" => Select "Simulated Keys".

On "Simulated Keystrokes" config panel,
3. Text field of "Enter the custom key(s)" => Enter "W".
4. "How to send the simulated key strokes:" => Select "3 During".

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