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Feature Request: Copying Buttons

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:52 pm
by onij
I love the time it saves to be able to copy one layer over to another layer. It would be amazing if we could have this same ability to copy each simulated or chorded button on a particular layer. What I mean: I have Multiple layers for one App depending on what task I am performing in that app. I want all of the buttons to have different commands except for 1 or 2. These buttons are chorded with multiple simulated keypresses on multiple secondary buttons. It is very time consuming to make an edit on one of the layers, and then manually re-create each chorded button & re-paste & then copy/paste simulated controls. It is also easy to screw up the process by forgetting to change the options for "how to send the simulated keystrokes" or to block or not to block the original chord etc.

It would be amazing if a simple "copy button" command was created or a "copy to another button on another layer" was enabled. Thanks!

Re: Feature Request: Copying Buttons

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:42 am
by injtsvetkov
I like that suggestion and if something like that is possible at all, maybe the simplest way is by adding a "Skip buttons" option in the "Copy Layer" window so the user can tick the buttons which are not to be copied.

Re: Feature Request: Copying Buttons

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:34 pm
by onij
That would work too, great idea. I'm not sure what the best approach is, but it'd be amazing if this ability was added.