Adding two simulated key actions to LMB

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Adding two simulated key actions to LMB

Post by Tester »

So I'd like to add two actions while holding down left click,

I've managed to create it so it constantly clicks at 16 cps while im holding down left click but I'd also like to allow it to rightclick every 4-5 clicks without it seeming like its clicking in bursts (rapidly clicks 5 times and then right clicks once, does delay then repeats)

Is there any way I am able to add two separated simulated key functions to one button while still keeping clicks smooth?

also thankyou for your last reply on my previous question, this application is so useful and I think once I know how to use it to its full potential it's going to come in handy.

Thanks again,

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Re: Adding two simulated key actions to LMB

Post by injtsvetkov »

Try this in SimKeys:

Code: Select all

and set the Auto repeat delay to 996 ms. This is approximately 6 clicks per second.

If you need around 16 clics per sec then you divide 1000 ms by 16 (~63 ms) and multiply 63 by 6 (=378) so:

Code: Select all

and Auto repeat delay of 378 ms.

I hope that helps you :)
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