Reducing Mouse Wheel Sensitivity

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Reducing Mouse Wheel Sensitivity

Post by vonsworld »

I have a model railway which is run from software on my pc and would like to use the mouse wheel as a throttle.

The software uses the keyboard command + to increase speed and - to reduce, so it's easy to map those to the mouse wheel.

What is the best way please to reduce the sensitivity of just the mouse wheel so that speed changes do not occur too quickly?

I have tried using the "Ignore repeated remapped scroll" function and that helps somewhat.

Is it possible to configure X-Mouse so that it ignores (discards) every other impulse generated by the wheel so as to reduce sensitivity? Or maybe only reacts to every third or fourth impulse etc...

Thanks for your advice :-)


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Re: Reducing Mouse Wheel Sensitivity

Post by phil »

Hummmm this one is a tricky one. Normally you can configure how the wheel scrolls, but if you are remapping the scroll wheel to keys, then it will always send the key each time it recieves one "notch" on the wheel...

I don't believe there is currently a way to change that (in XMBC or Windows). More to the point, I'm struggling right now to think how this could be easily achieved, that is, it would be a significant change to introduce a throttle for this (more from a user interface point of view). I guess I would have to add something to the simulated key dialog when setting up the wheel, or maybe something on the scrolling and navigation tab to ignore every other/every X scroll messages... I'll have a think and see what I can come up with.

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Re: Reducing Mouse Wheel Sensitivity

Post by injtsvetkov »

Well that's an interesting one :)
I wonder if it could be something like 'executing a different action on each notch' instead of ignoring notches. That way the user can set a cycle of X "disabled" notches after the first one or set a different command for every next notch thus creating a cycle of different commands for X consecutive notches. I guess it would be handy for people doing cyclic tasks. It could also be used with other buttons, not only the scroll wheel. And maybe an option to abort the sequence after certain amount of time or continuous press of the button or pressing another button.
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Re: Reducing Mouse Wheel Sensitivity

Post by Killy »

I think this issue is one of the things I addressed in my proposal:

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