Documenting function x-mouse button press

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Documenting function x-mouse button press

Post by jashchro »

Is there way to document the uses of a button presses for a profile? For example, in the 'Default' profile, LMB chord with RMB closes the active window.

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Re: Documenting function x-mouse button press

Post by phil »

Its not possible right now - do you mean some sort of label that you can apply? Where would you want to do that - in the profile window itself, as a tooltip? It might be something I can look at, but the setup screen is already quite space limited?!
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Re: Documenting function x-mouse button press

Post by injtsvetkov »

I've thought of that too (also mentioned it in the past I think). IMO after implementing chording it became quite hard to remember all key combos and especially when there are some long sim keys scripts :lol:
Here is what I have done for my "Excel" profile as a comment to a cell in the worksheet which I use to make my work schedule:
Key combos description.jpg
It's quite convenient coz every time I hover over that cell I see which combo do I need :)
Unfortunately can't do that in other apps, so I think the perfect solution would be to have an option in XMBC to save that info in each profile and if possible to have a hotkey to show/hide that info (for the currently active profile) somewhere in the area over the system tray, like the "Layer change" tags. Of course that would most probably be hard to achieve so I think the easiest way would be to have an option e.g. "Profile Description" in the context menu for each profile which would pop up some kind of editable/resizable text box :)
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