Selection and doble Click on O. Input

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Selection and doble Click on O. Input

Post by camarao69 »


Maybe this is already possible but every thing i tryed it didn´t work, maybe someone can help me.
Here is the problem evererytime i click in a field i need a hotkey to be pressed, for exemple F1. but i don´t want it to be pressed when i doble click or when i select. I know that in the new beta it is possible to unblock simulated key when there is mouse movement so this will be resolved. Now the problem is the doble click, in the new beta 2.16 v13 sometimes doble click works some times it doesn´t and F1 is always activated.
Is there any way to cancel when there is a doble click.

Thank you in advance

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