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Simulated key stroke problem

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:58 pm
by Foriegn
I like xmouse and I use it but I got a problem when I use key strokes to repeatedly click F2 button for fast HP recovery, in game I use F2 for potting"HP recovery" and other skills on different F buttons and I cant switch skills put on nother F buttons while key strokes are working ,I need to keep press the other F button for long to activate the skill I put on it and that makes the key strokes stop being fast as it were before I press another F buttons so I need to un and repress CTRL button as it is necessary for fast potting, I thought it is a normal problem and I have to stop key strokes to be able to switch , and this makes me vulnerable to be killed, but when I asked some1 using razor naga tool he said he dont have to stop it he just switch freely while auto-potting is working, so is it possible for xmouse? Thanks in advance.

Re: Simulated key stroke problem

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:34 am
by phil
I'm not really clear what the problem is..

Are you using layer modifiers with the CTRL key? if nt, what has CTRL got todo with it?
I dont see why XMBC's key sending would be imapcted by pressing a different F key on your real keyboard,
XMBC sends keys is a seperate thread, and maybe its sending too quickly, have you tried adjusting the send delay in the simulated keystrokes dialog? Does it make any difference if you use a bigger delay?

You could try turning on debug logging, capture the problem and send me the log - it might help me see what is going on (it might not but its worth a try).


Re: Simulated key stroke problem

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:53 pm
by Foriegn
I dont use layer modifiers , about ctrl it got something to do with the game which makes the F2 clicks faster , also shift and Alt buttons , idk if it is normal thing or game related thing, but CTRL, Shift and Alt makes potting faster, I mentioned CTRL only because the game, conquer, needs the CTRL button pressed almost all the time.
About the speed, after testing as u requested it affects the response of other F buttons so I cant activate other skills put on other F buttons quickly if the speed is too high, But it does not affect the other problem which is the speed is reduced like I`m not pressing CTRL so it doesn`t matter the speed if high or low it will be reduced just like the time I dont press CTRL. So the case is I press CTRL and the simulated key is working pressing F2 and at the same time I try to press F3 or any other F buttons 2 things happens, it takes time for the other F button to respond and the CTRL button is like not received so the potting speed gets reduced.
About running xMouse on the debug logging , I dont know how !!