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Bluetooth mouse tilt wheel

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:59 pm
by xpclient
I have known and use X-Mouse Button Control since 2013 and it's a great piece of software. To allow the end user to reprogram HID standardized buttons is a really great user empowerment.

Recently I got a new mouse - Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600. It's a Bluetooth low energy mouse meaning it only works with Windows 8 and later. (Windows 7 doesn't support Bluetooth low energy). It has 2 buttons, wheel+middle click and tilt wheel left and tilt wheel right. That is, it doesn't have mouse buttons 4 and 5. It was paired and detected and Windows automatically installed the drivers for it. Then I installed XMBC. But only the left click, right click and middle click and wheel up/down are recognized.

I knew from internet reviews that this mouse supports tilt wheel left/right too so I installed Microsoft's Mouse and Keyboard Center. It installed the right driver obviously after which tilt wheel left/right started working. Unfortunately, it is hard coded in the Mouse and Keyboard Center to only scroll horizontally and no other function is available. However in XMBC, tilt wheel left and right were now recognized. (it glows yellow when I use them).

Since X-Mouse Button Control is far superior, and I didn't want Microsoft's bloated 42 MB Mouse and Keyboard Center installed, I uninstalled it. But it uninstalled the driver too and again tilt wheel left/right stopped working.

So I extracted the mouse driver from Mouse and Keyboard Center's installer and installed JUST the drivers using Device Manager. Mouse and Keyboard Center itself remains uninstalled. And now with the right driver for my mouse present, I can reassign mouse tilt wheel left/right to any action I want using XMBC.

So note for anyone: if the extra buttons in your mouse are not recognized/supported by XMBC, try installing the software that comes with the mouse or only its drivers and then they might be recognized.

As for Phil (the developer), I have a request. Can you make XMBC work with tilt wheel of my mouse using the normal/standard mouse driver in Windows? I am using Windows 8.1 64-bit btw.

Re: Bluetooth mouse tilt wheel

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:14 pm
by phil
Hi, that's all very interesting and will hopefully be of use for others.
But I think you have answered your own question about adding support for XMBC.

If you need special drivers to get the tilt working, then there is nothing I can do to work around that (as far as I know) because the generic driver wont be sending the windows messages that XMBC relies on. Please remember that XMBC is not a driver - it simply remaps existing windows messages. If those messages are not there, there isn't anything it can do.


Re: Bluetooth mouse tilt wheel

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:04 pm
by xpclient
Yes I understand XMBC is not a driver. Well OK. Then I guess the Windows standard driver only supports 5 buttons (this mouse has only 3), and it doesn't support the tilt wheel without the Microsoft driver. Thankfully I can use it like a 4 button mouse: assigning Wheel Left and Wheel Right to custom actions (Home and End) using XMBC. The middle click is absolutely useless, can't press it without accidentally triggering wheel left or wheel right.

Re: Bluetooth mouse tilt wheel

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:20 pm
by phil
Well, the standard Generic HID driver supports the tilt on most mice.
This one must be a special case (well done Microsoft for breaking your own rules!?!)

Re: Bluetooth mouse tilt wheel

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:23 am
by xpclient
Sorry to bump an old thread but good news. What I said above only seems to be true of Windows 8.1 whose stock driver doesn't support 3600 Mouse's tilt wheel. However, Windows 10 seems to include a generic HID driver for this Bluetooth 3600 Mobile Mouse that DOES support tilt wheel functionality out of the box without requiring any special driver or software. So I just have to install XMBC and remap it to something I want like Home and End keys.

Now my next problem is I use another app called Microsoft Mouse Without Borders to share this mouse with another PC on the network. That PC also has XMBC installed as well as Mouse Without Borders. But sadly, only the mouse's left click, right click, wheel and middle click work. Tilt wheel left/right don't work as Mouse Without Borders doesn't seem to have support for it.

I tried with another mouse, the Lenovo Yoga Mouse which has left click, right click, middle click, touchpad/touch strip for scrolling instead of wheel and a fifth button with a hardcoded Win key button. All of its functions work on the remote PC via the network.

So Mouse Without Borders seems to not support the tilt wheel functionality at all. Of course, XMBC is great and works excellently to let me adjust the speed of the pointer for the same mouse on another PC, differently from the host PC as their DPI/resolutions are different.