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How to configure 9 button mouse

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:19 am
by SPARKPrince
Hi just bought a 9 button mouse from Amazon. But I am not getting that how do I configure the extra. I get able configure 7 buttons but still 2 remaining. Can anyone help me? I am not getting that how do I can configure those buttons. Please help me I am somuch confused. Or is there is any Video or Image available for understanding will be more efficient for Understanding. Help me!!! 😭

Re: How to configure 9 button mouse

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:32 pm
by phil
First, you have posted to the wrong forum which is why I didn't notice earlier (you clearly didn't read the posting rules - this question should be in the XMBC forum as it relates to XMBC - or at least, I hope your talking about using XMBC to setup your mouse?!).

You also clearly have NOT read the frequently asked questions (oh surprise, that's posting rule 3!) because one of the most asked questions is about more than 5 buttons, and quite frankly, I'm tired of repeating myself over and over.

For the sake of clarity, I will copy and paste the FAQ answer here for you...
Can you add support for more buttons?

Unfortunately, XMBC is not a mouse driver, it uses windows mouse hooks to capture buttons and therefore it is only capable of responding the messages sent by the mouse driver and supported natively by Windows. Mouse hooks only work with messages for the first 5 buttons. So until Windows mouse hooks recognize more buttons natively, XMBC will only ever support 5 buttons.

Re: How to configure 9 button mouse

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:07 pm
by Kukurykus
Maybe beside those questions you left for new users in their first post to answer for also add a link to "FAQ (check before you post anything)" in last or better first line since as regular reader of this forum I noticed this is still very common they ask (the same question) without looking into there. The only problem would be if they posted something the link would be posted as well (until they deleted on their own), however that's not big deal and could be always available for others each time they browse forum for help that perhaps easily could be found on linked forum page ;)

Re: How to configure 9 button mouse

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:23 pm
by phil
I think I have done enough to prompt in the right direction.
It is quite normal for people on the internet to just post, without first reading the rules and checking to see if the question has been asked before - because that takes too many precious seconds of their time, never mind our time re-processing it all!. Quite frankly, no amount of links or prompts will change that - I think we just have to put up with that, and accept it will happen (and then prompt them in that direction again if need be)!

Maybe I should remove the general chat forums because quite frankly, there isn't any real need for general chat around here hahaha!