Uninstall Fail Residual Settings Remain

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Uninstall Fail Residual Settings Remain

Post by TADD3RS »

I downloaded X-Mouse so I could map mouse buttons for Project Zomboid. Loved it! It worked well for the game and was pleased to know that Scroll Lock was a one-touch solution to deactivate X-Mouse so my new settings could not affect other games/tasks. So far 2/2! I ran into issues when I loaded up CS:GO... My mouse, regardless of scroll lock, was mapped for Zomboid, not my CS profile. I tried to reconfigure my CS:GO controls in the CS menu, but noticed that the game was recognizing both MOUSE 3 and SHIFT as shift only. For example, I would set crouch to SHIFT on the keyboard, then set walk to MOUSE 3 and the game would delete shift to crouch and apply SHIFT to walk. I was very disappointed because I could not find a solution and since CS:GO is my primary game, I decided to uninstall X-Mouse and revert to the old controls in Project Zomboid. After the uninstall I am having the same issue in CS:GO... all other functions have seemed to return to normal. Is there a root file I need to delete? Reinstall CS:GO?

If anyone has ran into this before between multiple games? I wish X-Mouse worked for me because it was a great program.

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Re: Uninstall Fail Residual Settings Remain

Post by phil »


If you have uninstalled XMBC, it wont be running, and therefore it wont be doing anything as XMBC can only make changes when it is running!
You can check if its running in Task Manager - look in the details tabs for the process XMouseButtonControl.exe
If it is there then it wasn't uninstalled properly, but chances are it is not there and the problem lies elsewhere.

To me, what you say suggests the problem is CS:GO and not XMBC... This also is suggest that when you disable XMBC via scroll lock, the problem still appears. Its telling me (and you) that the problem is not with XMBC but elsewhere!

How to reset CS:GO? I don't know I'm afraid.

EDIT: PS. Next time post to the correct (XMBC) forum as you are asking about XMBC. Then you will be presented with a template to help you provide the information requested in the posting rules (which I guess you didn't read as you a) didn't provide any information and b) didnt post to the correct forum!)
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