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Thank you

Post by RBLevin »

Just want to say "thank you" for creating and maintaining X-Mouse. It just saved my bacon. I have a new Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball. Kensington's TrackBall Works software doesn't detect the mouse on my corporate Windows 7 PC, so i can't customize or otherwise control its features. Your software saw the mouse and now I can use most of the features.

Besides that, now that I've discovered X-Mouse, I'm not sure I want to use any other mouse configurators. What a great app.

Two suggestions/ideas, if technically possible:

1. Detect when two or more buttons are pressed simultaneously and offer additional actions (example: drag lock). X-Mouse does see when two buttons are pressed but there aren't any options for same.

2. Control for scroll intertia. That's supported by some device wheels and can be configured from off, slow, to fast.

I'll be making a donation under this name.

Thanks again.


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