Looking for 7 button computer mouse driver

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Looking for 7 button computer mouse driver

Post by hydrojackson »

Hi, I do not know if your forum would notify my email when any one post a reply.

I invented a seven button computer mouse and I am looking for driver for it. Logitech driver is not working.

maybe pointing me to the right direction or if you were interested all good.


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Re: Looking for 7 button computer mouse driver

Post by phil »

You invented a 7 button mouse? Well if you made the hardware, then surly you need to also make the driver for it?
Unless you are using standard HID USB then the MS generic HID device should work but wont see any more than 5 buttons as Windows does not recognize more than 5 buttons by default and its internal mouse message system does not support more than 5 buttons (even with a driver).

Normally the driver (e.g. Logitech) would recognize the button and send something else on to Windows but that's going to be driver specific (and may need accompanying user level software like Logitech's setpoint software). But these drivers wont work with your device unless your device communicates the same messages and has the same (Logitech's) device / manufacturer ID's??!

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