Mouse testing utility

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Mouse testing utility

Post by BestRip »

I lack a program to test the quality of a mouse. I have experienced mice after some time starting to double click or missing the click altogether and it could be interesting to have a testing facility.
I wonder if this could be of interest and possible to make:
A new tab: “Button test”, looking quite similar to the first tab.
For each mouse button a possibility to test the clicking.
A test square with a setting of a blinking light to follow and another light indicating if the click registered correctly.
I suspect my current mouse is making double clicks on the left button but it is so fast it is almost impossible to see.

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Re: Mouse testing utility

Post by phil »

There is an option in XMBC to "de-bounce" the mouse buttons to try and fix this. Have you tried that?

I don't think a test utility is something to include in XMBC... Maybe a seperate program. But if XMBC successfully fixes th problem using the de-bounce options then why bother ?? :)
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