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Video Folder

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 3:23 am
by stormchase001
Hi Folks,
My name is Michael and i have a question from Boulder, CO. USA.
I have multiple folders with video "clipplets" each lasting around 3 or 4 minutes each,
what i would like to do is to bring up the folder on the desktop and be able to make the middle mouse
button, when pressed, go down to the next file and then play that vid then press the middle button again
to step to the next vid and start playing. i have tried the "Simulated Keystroke" of {DOWN}{LMB}{LMB}
but i guess that doesn't count as a double click.
Then i tried another thing... i wanted to see if the Simulated Keystroke was working for me at all,
so i simply put one command in the box {DEL} which would have brought up a window verifying if i really
want to send this file to the recycle bin... Nothing. Am i missing something? I can make the mouse double
click (middle) in the layer thing, but i need it to tell the mouse to go to the next file THEN double click to
play the vid. is this possible?
Any help would certainly be appreciated.

AULA "Killing the Soul" gaming mouse

Re: Video Folder

Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 5:04 pm
by phil
Hi, I'm just trawling through the forums and I came across your (really old) post.
Did you ever manage to resolve this?
Apologizes for missing it (my excuse is its not in the right forum :) - I don't look in this one much!)