Inpoutx64 works w/ 64-bit MATLAB & Win 7

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Inpoutx64 works w/ 64-bit MATLAB & Win 7

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First, many thanks for your 64-bit port of the inpout kernel-level driver.
Thought that I'd let you know that I have successfully used inpout32 with MATLAB on 32-bit Windows 2000, XP and Vista AND just recently got inpoutx64 to work with MATLAB on 64-bit Win 7. MATLAB communicates with the driver via an intermediary MATLAB C-module called io64 and io32, respectively. Anyone interested should see I always disable UAC and run MATLAB as an Administrator for the first use so that the driver is auto-installed without any difficulty.

Finally, I've seen several references on this forum and at Logix4u that state that inpout32/inpoutx64 won't work with PCI parallel ports...However, I have found that this is only a partially correct statement. Many (most?) PCI boards that implement LPT and COM interfaces actually use USB virtual emulation of these functions...Obviously, inpout won't work with these boards, But, there are several brands of PCI boards with ECP parallel interfaces that are TRUE emulations of the parallel port and I have found that the inpout32 driver works just fine with these boards. You just need to install them and discover the base address assigned by Plug n Play via the Device Manager. Such boards are available with signed 64-bit drivers for those who are interested.

Thanks again Phil and best regards from the USA.

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Re: Inpoutx64 works w/ 64-bit MATLAB & Win 7

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Thanks for the feedback, especially the information on the PCI parallel ports - that may help some people out.
Im glad you found it useful (and functional :P)

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