InpOut32 working, but very slow on Windows 8

My x64 port of InpOut32
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InpOut32 working, but very slow on Windows 8

Post by rrossi »

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to port a program driving the parallel port to Window8.
I upgraded to Phil version of the InpOut32.
Basically it works!!
However I have a big problem:
on Windows XP / 2000 (and the new dll) my program takes about 4usec to perform an out,
on windows 8 (and a much faster PC) it takes 7900usec.
Is that normal?
Is there any way to speed up?



program developed with mingw32
linked directly (simply mingw32-gcc..... program.c inpout32.dll)
on windows 2000 --> an old pentium 2
on windows XP --> athlon 32bit
on windows 8 --> athlon 64, 4 cores, a lot of memory and, and, and

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Re: InpOut32 working, but very slow on Windows 8

Post by phil »

Sorry I have no idea.

I didn't write this thing, I only ported it to Windows x64. I haven't tried it on Windows 8 because I don't actually use it myself any more.

I would contact Logix4U if possible they may know more about why its slow in Windows 8 because they know the internals better than I.

EDIT: I wonder if the its slow on the 32bit version of Win8? I've never done any kind of speed tests between x86 and x64 versions on wIN xp, 7 OR 8.

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