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x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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Re: About Mouse

Post by phil »

Hi, that's an interesting idea. This happiness when the button's micro switch contacts wear or get dirty, when making contact, they can bounce causing an on off on effect. Technically its called switch bouncing or rcontact bounce.

XMBC has code to detect and deal with this by detecting multiple clicks that are faster than reasonably possible, although I'm not 100% convinced it works as well as it could, or indeed if any software can truly overcome this, due to the nature of the problem, normally it would be dealt with in hardware.

I quite like the idea of a test tab, but the problem I can see is that it can be so random and the more you click, potentially the better it gets (exercising the button can help clean it and reduce the bounce effect) so it may still give false readings. I'll have a think and it its not too much trouble, maybe put something into XMBC - although maybe it would be better to have a separate/light weight, standalone test utility - I'm not sure.

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Re: About Mouse

Post by Dolmatov »

I think it’s better to make a GUI application that shows the pressing of a certain key with the counters of each action, and everything is logged into a file.
This will allow the user to clearly see the problem, although it remains difficult enough to solve the problem.
Because of this, you can add the setting to ignore random actions in a separate program so that you can pick up time in real time, i.e. it’s unnecessary to constantly open XMBC and apply the settings.
Conditionally, there is something similar in ETDDeviceInformation. It shows the position of the button (up or down) with the name of the button.

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