Per axis scrolling sensitivity in move to scroll

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Per axis scrolling sensitivity in move to scroll

Post by Przemoc »

I use trackball and movement to scroll functionality.
But inadvertently especially when scrolling fast up and down I do a slight movement side to side which triggers side scrolling.
So I've checked the option of locking axis based on movement and it helps a lot.

But in order to scroll sideways, I have to let go of the button and press it again and scroll sideways.

Would it be possible to have separate sensitivity for vertical and horizontal scrolling?

This way I wouldn't need to let go the button and press it again. And as sideways motions are rare and much shorter than top-down ones I could live with lower sensitivity for sideways (especially for the first step)

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Re: Per axis scrolling sensitivity in move to scroll

Post by phil »

I guess in theory it will be possible. In practice, it may take me a while. I have a whole list of things to consider for the next version 2.19 but I havnt yet made a start on it. I will add this to the list and see how it goes, but I can make no promises on timescales (I've been concentrating on trying to iron out a few bugs in 2.18.x and other things as i don't have a lot of time for XMBC these days.)
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