Keep getting run-time error 453

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Keep getting run-time error 453

Post by anuddernut »

I have previously run vb6.0 programs to run a model railway using the parallel port on a windows 98 machine. I have purchased a windows 7 32 bit machine and loaded vb 6.0

The test program I have written in vb 6.0 to light a led on the parrallel port pin is

Private Declare Function inp Lib "inpout32.dll" Alias "inp32" (ByVal Portaddress As Integer)
Private Declare Sub out Lib "inpout32.dll" Alias "out32" (ByVal Portaddress As Integer, ByVal value As Integer)

Dim port1 As Integer
Sub main()

out &H378, 1

End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()

End Sub

I have a copy of an old inpout32.dll in c:\windows\system32. When I run the program I receive the error message

run-time error 453 Can't find entry point out32 in inpout32.dll.

I have scoured the internet and keep coming up to and when I click on to DOWNLOAD INPOUT32.DLL AND SOURCE CODE HERE I end up at index but cannot find where to download inpout32.dll.

How do I download inpout32.dll 32 bit version from

Is there an answer to running vb 6.0 and windows 7 to operate the parallel port?

Any help would be great

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Re: Keep getting run-time error 453

Post by phil »


For starters, if you cant download from logix4u, then grab the latest from my website here it works for both 32bit and 64bit windows and the binary download includes both 32bit and 64bit DLL's (obviously you want the 32bit one).

On windows 7 you need permission to install drivers, which InpOut32 does when you first run it, as such the first time you run it you must "run as administrator" or use the little InstallDriver utility included in my binary download.

This may explain the error you are seeing, or it may not, your message does not really provide enough information to be sure. There are also working .NET and C++ examples in my website and I believe a Vb6 example exists somewher eon the logix4u website (at least it used to).

Normally a "Cant find entry point" error means you have got the Declare statement wrong in some way. I thing maybe because you are using Integer and you should be using Short or Byte data types? An integer is 32bit and I believe the Out32 function takes a short or a byte. Looking at the VB.Net examples, they use (ByVal PortAddress As Short, ByVal Data As Short) so my guess is thats your problem!

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