Unable to open InpOut32 Driver!

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Unable to open InpOut32 Driver!

Post by moai »

Hi Guys,

I am newbie to this, and any help will be appriciated.

I have unzipped InpOutBinaries_1500.zip to a local folder, and run the command:

InpoutTest.exe read 0x378

What am I doing wrong?


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Re: Unable to open InpOut32 Driver!

Post by phil »

I presume you got the test app from the c++ sample code? Did you recompile it?
Try the .net samples they are much newer than the c++ sample and I cant remember much about that.

But come on, give me a chance... You haven't listed any system information!
Are you on windows x64? x86? What version? have you run InstallDriver.exe (any errors from that)? Do you have UAC enabled if on win7? Do you have priveledges to install drivers?

I can only make random guesses if you don't give any information and that wont help anyone!

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