Some problems in the first stage (io64 driver no loaded)

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Some problems in the first stage (io64 driver no loaded)

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I have successfully got the io32 driver loaded in 32bit Matlab on 32bit Win7 OS for controlling the output of the parallel port, but have encountered some problem when I tried to use the io64 driver in 64bit Matlab(Version2010b) on 64bit Win7 OS. I have just followed the instructions on the following webpage: The mex file and the dll file are both downloaded and copied to the right directory, but when I try to load the driver in Matlab, the status of the io64 driver is always '1' which means not working. I realized that the C++ compiler is not with the setup bin of Matlab 64bit version, and I have downloaded and installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express and Microsoft Windows SDK v7.1. After that, the problem is still there, I wonder if there is any solution to this?

P.S.: I have tried to switch to the administrator account, then it is still not working.

Looking forward to your reply.

Chen Luo
University of Science and Technology of China

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Re: Some problems in the first stage (io64 driver no loaded)

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Hi, I'm not familiar with Matlab and I don't really know how to answer this.

However, have you tried the latest DLL(s) on my website, which comes with an InstallDriver.exe.
There are some test programs too for .NET which might help get the DLL up and running but I cant help with matlab.

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