Use the library InpoutX64 with serial port.

My x64 port of InpOut32
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Use the library InpoutX64 with serial port.

Post by Jummi »

I could give an example of initializing the serial port from basic or c + + using the library INPOUTX64?

I want to use the serial port using the free compliador AutoIt and not initializing the serial port to send and read data.

Could you help me?

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Re: Use the library InpoutX64 with serial port.

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I'm sorry, I don't understand your post - are you asking for an example of using InpOut32 for serial communications?

My first response would be - Why on earth would you want to use InpOut32 for serial communications - which are native and do not need special driver support in Windows?

The *ONLY* reason to use InpOut32 would be to poke the ports and set a (completely) non standard and unsupported baud rate (for example). All other "normal" serial communications can be done *very* easily in any normal programming language - its especially easy in VB and .NET but there are plenty of C++ classes and libraries to do this.

Second to that, InpOut32 would only be able to talk to the "bios" controlled serial ports - and these days, most serial coms is done using USB/Serial converters - which InpOut32 cant address. So again, you would be better using the native OS serial support which can use such devices (without any special preparation).

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