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What is inpoutx64.sys? (New user)

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:39 pm
by verballydodied
HI every one first time poster here and I have a question about inpoutx64.sys. So for a while now I've been getting BSOD and the mini dump file says its triggered due to this driver (inpoutx64.sys) So my question is what is this driver, what does it do and is it essential for my computer/ can i delete it? I'm running windows 10 pro x64

Re: What is inpoutx64.sys? (New user)

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:39 am
by phil
Its an "open source" 64bit driver used to access "old fashioned" ports like the parallel port, serial port and others directly.

It is certainly not essential for running your computer and if you don't know how you got it, then its probably installed by some software you have installed, most commonly, Ive seen it used with software for controlling LCD screens. Do you have anything connected to a parallel port or serial port that requires special software to operate? There are plenty of other specialist things it *could* be used for but I would say its very unlikely to be "common" everyday use type of software. I have heard of people using it to send keystrokes and mouse inputs directly to the keyboard buffer at a low level so if you have anything that simulates keyboard or mouse movements/buttons, that would be something to check!

You need to find out what software is using it to work out if you can delete it without impacting your useage. If you search for Inpout32.dll or inpoutx64.dll on your hard disks, you may find that DLL along with the software that is using Inpout32.sys. The InpOut32.dll is responsible for installing the .sys driver file, and I would expect it either to be with the software thats using it, or in the Windows\system folder (which will make it less easy to work out whats using it!)

In theory, (usually) deleting drivers is not quite as simple as deleting the file. however, with InpOut32/x64 the driver is only loaded when the software using it is running, so you are probably safe to just delete the file. If you can't delete it, then you will need to uninstall the driver first and thats not quite so easy! It does not show up in device manager because it is a legacy driver and windows 10 seems like it simply does not list it. So for now I will hope you can delete the file.

Regarding the BSOD itself - very odd - I would expect that the software using the driver must be running at the time the BSOD occurs (which may help you narrow down what is using it I guess). While its a very simple driver that does not do very much, it hasn't been updated for about 7 years so it may just not be 100% compatible with windows 10.

Please note, the driver was developed for 32bit windows by Logix4u (no longer around it seems) they open sourced it and I simply ported it (recompiled it) for 64bit windows (it sounds like you will have my port). Personally I haven't used the thing myself for about 7 years, but others are free to use and distribute it with their software - which is probably how you got it!. Also, I am not able to rebuild it now as a "hobbyist" developer, I can not get hold of the required driver signing certificates needed for x64 - as they are not cheap and not easy for individuals to get hold of for sensible reasons.

I hope that helps.


Re: What is inpoutx64.sys? (New user)

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:24 am
by verballydodied
For the parallel port, I have an Acer screen attached to it and nothing in the serial port.

I'm also running a Razer Death Adder Elite mouse that has software for binding keys from the keyboard to the mouse itself But I'm not sure if that is the same thing as you mentioned in your first response.

I looked up Inpout32.dll, inpoutx64.dll, and Inpout32.sys and found nothing. But inpoutx64.sys is under system32 so that's why I asked if it was safe to delete.

I posted to Reddit and Toms Hardware about my problem and they showed me some other conflicting drivers, so I deleted them. They very well could have been the problem. The drivers were from some MSI products like Afterburner an overclocking software and MSI gaming app for adjusting the LED lights. I'm not sure if inpoutx64.sys uses those technology or not. I just now have time to test my pc for a while so I'll see if me deleting the drivers fixed the problem.

And yes your response was very very helpful. Thank you for your time.

Re: What is inpoutx64.sys? (New user)

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:04 am
by phil
It is possible, that the MSI in particular software utilities something like InpOut to control the low level registers that enable keyboard lights - but I would have thought that a big global company like MSI wouldn't use a 3rd party open source driver - but you never know.

It might be worth checking the digital signature on the driver (.sys) file. Right click the file (if you still have it) select properties and look for the digital signatures tab. If its the driver I have made available, without modification, it will be signed by "Red Fox UK" who was a friendly company that sign the driver for me (as I said, I cant easily/cheaply get a driver signing certificate). If its signed by anyone else, then that might help point to the source.

As the DLL is not there on your system, the chances are slim (but not impossible) that anything you have installed now will actually be using the driver. The driver can be accessed by anything, but I would have thought, if they were using an open source driver, why would they not be using the dll that comes with it!

good luck and thanks,

What is inpoutx64 sys New user

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by Mutassauct
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