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ImpOut32 (x64) working with Win10 x64

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:30 pm
by Anomaly
Hello Phil,

I have been using InpOut32 since XP days and have relied on it to run a single computer controlled device that is very important to my work. With Win 7 and then Win 8, I had some problems getting up and running, but eventually was successful.

Win 10 was problematic, as my PCIe parallel port card was no longer compatible. The solution was relatively simple. I purchased a new card that is compatible with Win 10; Model SI-PEX10011. I suggest testing with a printer first, as the driver had to be installed several times to get it up and running. The port address in my VB application had to be changed to the new address of E010. I installed the latest dll and it installed with out any drama. The system now operates as it did previously and I am greatly relieved.

Many thanks for your efforts and kind permission to use this software at no cost. A donation follows.

Kind regards,

Re: ImpOut32 (x64) working with Win10 x64

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:51 pm
by phil
That's great to know.

While a donation would be appreciated, remember that I didn't write InpOut32, I only ported it to x64 (which I guess is quite important these days).

The original author is not around/responding any more and I'm not able to make any modifications as I can't, as an individual, purchase a driver signing certificate any more :(

So thankfully, Win 10 didn't require any changes to the code!


Re: ImpOut32 (x64) working with Win10 x64

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:59 am
by srsgp
Hi Anomalie,
du hast die InpOut x32 zum Laufen gebracht mit Windows 10 x64. Wie hast du das gemacht? Kannst du etwas dazu schreiben oder zeigen. Es wäre für mich sehr wichtig, da ich mit Schülern etwas steuern möchte, wie Leuchtdioden oder Schrittmotore.

Vielen Dank
Hi Anomaly,
You have the InpOut x32 running with Windows 10 x64. How did you do this? Can you write something about it? It would be very important for me because I would like to control something with pupils, like light-emitting diodes or stepping motors.

Many Thanks