A problem with InpOut32.Dll

My x64 port of InpOut32
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A problem with InpOut32.Dll

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Hello Phil

first thanks to you and people at Logix4U for preparing InpOut32.DLL,

I used this DLL before for accessing the Parallel port successfully and easily.( port Address 0x378 )

But now I can not use it for accessing the serial ports address(0x3F8-0x3FF & 0x2F8-0x2FF) and they returns 0xFF totally by calling Inp32() function. I am using a USB to RS232 converter, because my notebook has not serial port connector.

Do you have any Idea to solve this problem?

thanks and best regards


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Re: A problem with InpOut32.Dll

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As far as I know, ImpOut does not (and never has) supported USB interfaces. There is not a lot I can do about that because I dont have any knowledge about drivers (I just made the code 64bit compliant and built it using the MS 64bit DDK).

You need to ask this question of Logix4U.
I suspect he will say its not possible :(

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