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Profile Probelms

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:26 am
by Noyze
First I'd like to say this program is a godsend for gaming, in my case. I use it for SC2 so it's cool. Problem I'm having right now is with profiles. I read all around XMBC and this site and haven't seen anything on the problem. Basically I'm choosing a random program to make a profile (profile 1), but when I change the function of the buttons and attempt to use profile 1 (or 2) it uses the settings from the default.

Defualt -
Middle Button - A{LMB}
Mouse Button 4 - 0{NUM0}
Mouse Button 5 - 0 {NUM0} {NUM0}
Wheel Up – 7
Wheel Down - 0{NUM0}{NUM3}

Profile 1 -
Middle Button - {shift}g
Mouse Button 4 - 0
Mouse Button 5 - 0 {NUM0
Wheel Up – 7
Wheel Down - 8

I can't get it to use the settings in profile 1 unless I erase the ones in default and replace them with profile 1 settings. I had it working the way I wanted it to at some point but accidentally changed it. Maybe I don't fully understand why you have to choose an application to make a new profile. Could someone help please? Thx

Re: Profile Probelms

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:40 am
by MainTrane
Hello Noyze,

Application/Window specific profiles are just that; the button assignments for that profile will only be used when you are interacting with the application or window to which it is assigned.

If you are attempting to create an alternate button setup to be used regardless of an application, then you would want to remap the settings on one of the alternate layers for the default profile. Layers offer a swappable configuration, so that several setups can be used within a single profile. Read the User Guide or online FAQ for details on the various methods of layer activation.

If you want to set up a unique profile for use with a game you play, then creating a new profile and binding it to the games application would be the way to go. The button assignments will only be used when you're interacting with that game's running executable.

Unfortunately (as can be read in several other topics on the forum) some games interact with the mouse on a lower level, driver or more basic, than XMBC. If that is the case with a game you're playing, then there isn't an XMBC remedy; the mouse would simply be incapable of seeing any XMBC adjustments while interacting with that game, not even the default profile.

- MainTrane