4th and 5th Button doesnt work. I solved.

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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4th and 5th Button doesnt work. I solved.

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I am Ahmet SEVIK. Firstly I am sorry for my English language..

I had some problem with your program and I found solution. And I wanted to share with you too.

I have a HP 5-Button optical comfort mouse. When I install first time, Tilt Wheel Left and Tilt Whell right buttons doesn’t work. Also on x-mouse button program, this button did not show orange color as like other work buttons. Nothing.

After that I install My devices driver from http://www.hp.com. Then this time, Mouse button 4 and mouse button 5 doesn’t work and tilt wheel left/right buttons begin to work.

That mean if I have hp.com driver one side don’t work, when uninstall other buttons don’t work.

I have Windows 7 -64 bit. Finaly I understand that when I did windows update then I install also “iBall update” too. This update is not crtical updates. Lookiin in optional updates. I tried to uninstall this update. But for unsitall this update dont be in control panel/uninstall programs. Finaly under my computer> device manager, I fount it. Under human interface devices. And I seleceted this iBall devices and I unistalled this.

After that, my all buttons working very well. Also on your X-button V2 program too. Looking working everything with orange colors. That measn working in My CAD programs and others too.

I try to find to solution on your forum but I could find. Maybe, you know solution too. I dont know. But if you don’t know then maybe you can revision something on next release. Or you can show on your forum this solution to.

I solved exatly in half day. Maybe I can help to others for solution.

Last, your program is perfect. Thank you very much.

Ahmet SEVIK…

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