Scrolling momentum (Apple Magic Mouse)

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Scrolling momentum (Apple Magic Mouse)

Post by DirkSteinkamp »

I've just installed an Apple Magic Mouse on Windows (regular PC, not Mac) and it's working fine with XMBC.

Yet one feature request comes to my mind:
* as the mouse has a touch surface instead of a scroll wheel the usage is very much like a touch screen on a mobile phone. Thus:
* mobile phone nowadays have some momentum when scrolling -- I think Steve Jobs was very proud when he showed off that feature in the first iPhone presentation.
* so my wish is: would it be possible to have a scroll setting that produces some "momentum" function for a scroll wheel (and tilt ;-)...). Something like: "when there are more than X scroll messages in Y ms, then have XMBC automatically produce more scroll messages with increasing time difference between then, so a momentum effect would appear."

Don't know if that's easily feasable, but I'd enjoy it pretty much :-). I don't know how that would work with a regular mouse with a mouse wheel, but maybe it's useful in that scenario, too.

Thanks for considering :-).

[I haven't been around these forums much, but I remember some sophisticated debugging support some years ago which you did, Phil, in some context of using XMBC. Thanks for that and the great work!!!]

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Re: Scrolling momentum (Apple Magic Mouse)

Post by phil »

Hi Dirk,

This may be possible but I wont know for sure until I give it a go. In reality it may be rather tricky and conflict with other things in XMBC, adding scroll messages is defiantly possible (eg. change movement to scroll) but weather it would give the desired smooth momentum effect, I'm not so sure. I will add it to the list but please don't expect a quick turn around on this (the list has already rather stagnated this year as I've not really found any time for XMBC - there is a lot gathering waiting for attention but I havn't been able to find the time to look at XMBC for a while now - a few bug fixes here and there, but nothing even worth releasing a new beta version for at this stage.
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