questions on scrolling controls

x64 Replacement/Alternative to Microsoft's IntelliMouse application.
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questions on scrolling controls

Post by Astara »

kennsington expert mouse:

1st prob -- using kennsington driver resulted in insane mouse speed that was difficult to control
(I rolled back to MS driver, more predictable).

2nd) I tried to compensate for craziness in XBMC, but no wondering how mouse acceleration controls work.

Have always had XMBC manage settings using max mouse speed and enhance pointer precision.

But now have Mouse speed for each cursor speed cycle, it had something like
1: 10 2: 5
3:10 4:3

That made no sense to me, so I thought maybe 1: is slowest speed, and it ups categories (1->4) as you increase
mouse speed. So I tried 1:1 2:2 3:3 and 4:4 -- yet it seemed to have no effect! seems it should have been greatly slowed down, but noticed no change. So what are the different levels? where is slow vs. fast?
Are they 1-4: slowest->fastest, or opposite? Dunno why my 1+3 were at 10, but 2&4 were smaller?
Wouldn't one expect small values in the slowest area to increase precision, and higher values at top to increase speed?

But it didn't seem to make much of a difference when I set those... Should I turn off the "Allow XMBC to set mouse speed and DPI"? or when do the box settings come into play? Really wasn't clear. Are they additive?

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Re: questions on scrolling controls

Post by phil »

The values in the cursor speed cycles are 1 - low/slow to 10 high/fast,
The numbers in the "cursor speed cycle" represent the position on the Windows cursor speed slider, which is after all what is being set.

All XMBC is doing is changing the windows pointer speed slider in the mouse control panel, so it works work however windows intends them to work. Potentially this could be device (or driver) specific, but I'm not sure if a driver get to decide what those slider positions actually mean.

As for the cycle, the number can be anything in any order. It matters not. They are not additive or anything clever like that (that cant happen as all it is doing is setting the position on the slider 0-10).

Effectivly 1 is the "default" speed, the first speed in the cycle. It comes from (I think) whatever the slider position was set to when you first ran XMBC 2.19. Which may explain why 1 was 10!
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