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Reading Clipboard

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:19 am
by Kukurykus
We can put content to clipboard by XMBC using {cb:someText} Between other things I use it for ex. like it:

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It puts to clipboard opn(Array(0,0)) function caller with paramaters in array, I'm reading by Clipboard.exe (made in autohotkey).

Would it be possible to enhance XMBC of CBR command (clipboard reading), so each time I use it, it would replace CBR with clipboard content.

This way depending on computer I work on, my other (non XMBC) script would produce appropriate simkeys clipboard content, that would be read by CBR (or CBC), so XMBC would see it as for ex.:

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(and when my computer would recognise the server has other name then it'd put to clipboard other path).

Without this method I have to create different XMBC profiles for comps they work with different servers.