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Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:39 am
by Kukurykus

May you next to {} button make M button, when clicked it waits for one of 9 avialable mouse inputs?*

*or checkbox, when clicked it's going to be filled. Then clicking / rolling / tilting anywhere on screen won't do anything (so like by 'block original mouse input'). It's going only to listen to mouse input to enter into text area (for ex. {LMB}), and when done untick itself the checkbox to let for normal interaction.


In Simulated Keystrokes often I meet such situation that I want to use {} with pressed button, not in spot of cursor, but instead of highlighted (selected) part of code.

For now when I have selected {SHIFT} in {CTRL}{SHIFT}q and I click {} with {ALT}

I'm getting {CTRL}{ALT}{SHIFT}q but I'd like to get: {CTRL}{ALT}q

1) so when there's cursor only, it would insert {tag} into that place, but when selected part was recognised then it would be replaced by used {tag}

2) aditionally that would be useful if Ctrl z (undo) worked for entered this way tags (that work now only for manually entered letters from keyboard)


Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:45 pm
by phil
Thankyou :)
I have added two new entries to the bug/feature list to make it easier to track.

#681 and #682

And in response...
1. Possible but I'm not 100% convinced the effort will be worth it. - Will see!
2. I didn't realize the cursor could be in a different position to the highlighted text - so I will certainly take a look and see how it can be modified, especially if there is selected text in there.... I'm not sure CTRL+Z will be possible will investigate!